About Me


Welcome to my blog about Spirituality and Empowerment. My name is Gillian Godtfredsen (Gill for short). You will see that many of my blog posts also have videos, because I believe you can get to know me better that way. I am a Doctor of Metaphysics, hold a PhD in Holistic Life Coaching, am a Certified NLP Master Trainer and a Registered Healer. My life’s work is within Empowerment; helping others to help themselves. My motto for the past 45 years has been “Help for self-help is the best help of all”. I am the founder of The Paradigm Academy for Holistic Studies and Nordic Coach & NLP Academy.

I’m born and raised in the “Coalfields” of South Yorkshire in England and I moved to Norway in 1977. I am a mother, grandmother and loving owner of a rescue dog (Oscar) and cat (Joey).

In 1980 I decided to pursue a career path within the traditional healing arts. I had previously worked in the corporate, diplomatic and judicial worlds and felt the need to honour a deeper calling within myself. Since childhood I have been fascinated with the teachings of shamans and healers. I pledged to preserve and safeguard the authentic ancient wisdom in my endeavour to bring the teachings to modern life. Since then I have travelled the World seeking knowledge and experience. The schools I have founded are well established in Norway and online. The primary focus of the teachings is to raise the vibrational frequency of consciousness. Personal values, beliefs, introspection and expectations are essential elements of the spiritual journey. The key to empowerment lies in understanding the flow of energy in everyday life and the underlying causes of dis-ease. Focus is upon thoughts, feelings, words and behaviour, both conscious and unconscious. Other essential elements are the identification and implementation of personal resources.

My intention with “Soulvibe” is to share some of the spiritual teachings that have helped me and others. I hope the knowledge and tools will resonate with you so you may receive inherent soulful learnings to benefit your life’s journey.

Blessings Gill