The Joy of a Paper Book


I just got a new book. Well, an old book in a newer edition. I don’t know if you’re like me and still enjoy getting packages the old fashioned way. Going to the Post Office and bringing it home and opening it up – it’s like receiving a gift.


E-books are wonderful in many ways; you get immediate access to them, you can take them with you and read them anywhere and they don’t weigh more than the weight of the device you used to download them.

I personally believe though that there are Neurological benefits in having a physical book. For one thing my eyes don’t become tired because of the blue light of the device. With a book you can hold it, feel weight of it
smell it, touch it, hear the pages turning, underline and write in it. A much more sensual experience.

When it comes to studying from books, depending on the subject of study, I prefer to hold a book in my hands if it addresses deeper levels of our existence. I digest the material much easier and it just seems to connect with and nourish me in ways that e-books and pdf files can’t.

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  1. Yes- the Joy of paper books:-)


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