Morning walk in thew sunrise

Morning walk in the sunrise listening to the fjord ice. Flooded with emotion and gratitude for my love of nature. Walking, meditation, sleep, organic food, love for family, trusted friends and colleagues is my recipe for a happy life and healthy body.
Like many other spiritual people, I am deeply saddened to witness so many souls who are unable to stand up to the press and coercion. Saddened to see so many healthy people dropping down dead or becoming seriously injured after taking the advice of the authorities. Shocked to see those so eager to identify and prevent bullying and coercion themselves turned into bullies, coercers and haters. What’s presently regarded as safe and comfortable is based upon history’s most malignant lie. A lie poisonous for the soul and the product destructive for the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being of our species.
Exercising self-discipline and employing practices to connect with and listen to one’s intuition and inner wisdom is essential in these times. Breaking from a curse so strong and malevolent requires removing oneself from the noise of others, political fuss and media marketing frenzy.
May those connected to the soul recognise their need for true nourishment, and do all they can to strengthen and stabilise their inner light and stand strong in their personal power. In so doing they will enable themselves to awaken fully, see the truth for what it is, break through the veil of darkness blanketing our beautiful planet and slam on the brakes to preserve the future health and freedoms for mankind.

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