Dear Friends

As the narrative fails and arguments become thinner, governments are becoming more aggressive in their desperation to keep citizens locked up. Even lack of true journalism hasn’t removed all slippery stones.
The goal of trawling us all like fish into a digital pass system is taking time and they are admitting that they are buying time by keeping us locked up. If and when they get it in place, they will have us caught like fish in a net, and we will forever be in their grip – helpless to resist – and victims to whatever they want to do with us.
As ‘caught fish’ we will initially lose medical rights and bodily integrity – as is already the case for many. Injecting citizens with whatever they see fit (or unfit) will continue and life as lab rats will be reality. This practice began with the introduction of the ‘experiment’ the story told was that it would ‘save humanity’. Turns out it didn’t and doesn’t. But we all get to look and observe who gets sick and dies from the ‘experiment’, question ourselves and each other (but not them) and wonder who gets to live on after the next dose – and if not why not?
The digital id system will further be developed to control every aspect of our lives. Economy and banking, property rights, food, transport, consumption of electricity and water, health, education and modes of communication to name a few. We are being locked up repeatedly to get us used to what is coming – robbed of the richness of the life we knew and will be ‘thrown crumbs’ by a brutal, heartless greedy elitist few who devised all this years ago and got governments to buy into it. By the way The Bank of Norway is the 8th largest shareholder in Pfizer.
The freedoms of the many are being taken to satisfy the greedy few.
If you’ve read this far my guess is you’ve already figured out the set-up – or part of you has. If not why not try pulling away from the narrative for a while and see what happens? Give yourself a break, seek your own unique stillness, spend some time with yourself, for yourself, inside yourself – go for some walks in nature, all alone – and invite your intuition and wisdom for dialogue.

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