The Law of Vibration (with video)

Light, heat, magnetism, electricity and sound are all forms of vibration, just as flowers, animals, trees and humans. Vibrational frequency is the number of oscillations or waves per unit of time. No two things in the universe are truly identical. All things move, vibrate and travel in circular patterns.




The Ascended Masters maintain that each individual has his or her own unique sound. If we were to remain still and silent long enough we would connect with this sound and discover the perfect self. Disturbances and interference keep us from connecting with this inner, deep vibration of innate wisdom. Our thoughts , emotions and wills emit vibrations into the universe at every moment. For every thought, feeling, word, state and action we emit there is a corresponding  vibration. Whatever we choose creates a vibration that goes out into the collective consciousness and a similar vibration is returned to us. When we express ourselves positively we receive positive vibrations. When we express negativity, we take on an equal amount of negativity.

Each individual has the power to choose and align their behaviours. Just as we pay attention to our physical bodies by choosing food and exercise to maintain our health, so we also need to care for our mental hygiene by choosing good thoughts. Positive thoughts support our spiritual progress and development.

Our goal is to keep our vibrations as positive and high as possible. This requires us to be aware of other people’s negative attitudes and states and protect ourselves from taking on the lower vibrations of others. One way is to refrain from becoming over involved in the problems of others, taking part in and/or listening to gossip and blaming. We need to establish goals for solving problems and overcoming challenges together with strategies for taking the learnings and using them wisely.

An awareness of the Law of Vibration helps us stay in touch with our feelings throughout the day. It will assist and support us to choose thoughts, behaviours and attitudes that help both our health and our spiritual journey. Evolution is why we are here.

When individuals embrace positive thoughts and higher consciousness, their auras increase in size and brightness – they vibrate closer to the frequency of light.


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