The Law of Cause and Effect


Nothing occurs by chance or outside the Law of Cause and Effect. When we have not developed spiritual awareness we remain trapped in separating behaviours which inhibit our growth, we are controlled by the wills of others, we lack self-confidence.  Many have a habit of blaming others for the way they feel and their lack of happiness. These people often lack goals and disciplines that are in alignment with their spiritual development. A major problem in their lives is lack of will, clarity, self-discipline, purpose and goals. They have unrealistic fears, anxieties, anger, worry, depression and fatigue. Their minds are consumed by negativity and they lack coping tools.



Mastery of our emotional and intellectual wellbeing begins with forgiving ourselves and others. the ability to stop blaming and holding on to grievances and resentments is truly a wonderful medicine. Knowing how to heal old wounds in positive ways is an important lesson for the spiritual seeker.

The strength of the will drives the momentum in the Law of Cause and Effect. The will, when centered and aligned with the values of the heart and mind, has the power to perform miracles. This happens when the individual is clear and free of judgement.

If you do not control your emotions, your emotions will control you. On the spiritual journey it is essential to learn to conquer the mind and the emotions. This in turn allows for self-love and the unhindered flow of Light from Source, through consciousness and back to Source. We gain control over our lives by avoiding extreme behaviours, developing a strong will and sense of purpose, learning to stay centred, calm and peaceful at all times. We need to raise our levels of consciousness and choose value based outcomes, identify and activate our resources and align our behaviours to achieve positive results.


Past Life Regression  РGillian Godtfredsen, Doctor of Metaphysics, PhD Holistic Life Coaching
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