The Law of Rhythm (with video)


The metaphor for the Law of Rhythm is the pendulum. When it swings in one direction it is then prepared to swing in the other. For every high there will be a low. The key to coping with the Law of Rhythm is balance. Commanding mastery over this law is through mastering one’s emotional and mental states at all times. The only way to deal with this law is accept that it is at work at the subconscious level at all times, throughout one’s entire life. The solution is to rise above this law by learning to control the mental and emotional bodies and “walk the centre path” at all times.



Every thing vibrates and moves, has two poles or opposites, everything vibrates at or responds to a certain rhythm. The Law of Rhythm is responsible for establishing seasons, cycles, progress and patterns – all reflecting universal regularity. The cycles and rhythms apply to all life. In nature they are often in multiples of seven, e.g. the week and the musical scale.

When we have experienced positive emotions or good luck we feel in balance. When “the pendulum shifts” and we move into the negative cycle our feelings and mental states are affected. Many have a natural tendency to blame this on other people or events. This part of the cycle is transmuted to a higher frequency by the use of our will to remain positive. We rise above the natural rhythm, accept that it is part of life, but do not experience the negative effects to the degree of imbalance. When negative emotions are expressed they provide the poles for the shifts of the pendulum. We need to strive to keep ourselves from owning expressions of these feelings.

One way to lessen the extreme effects of this law is to not get too excited. When the highs are controlled, the swing of the pendulum will be less extreme and the consequences easier to accept and manage. The road to mastery on the spiritual path is to walk the middle path at all times. This will empower and encourage individuals to realise their ultimate potential and enhance their own lives by understanding the Law of Rhythm.


Values in Spiritual Practice – Gillian Godtfredsen, Doctor of Metaphysics, PhD Holistic Life Coaching
Twelve Universal Laws – Anne Angelheart

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