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Who do you admire in your life that has wisdom? Who are your role models? What other specific characteristics do they embody? Role models/leaders aren’t simply born into the roles, they develop into them. Their values, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, words and actions are what make them who they are. It’s these things that form their “character”.
Having a good character comes from having good mental hygiene. Our thoughts, emotions and actions develop our character and how we are perceived by those around us.

Emotions are a part of our being that are highly overlooked. It’s always body-mind-spirit. But emotions play a very important role in our lives. They are powerful stuff and many people are not willing to acknowledge and work with them. When our emotions are unstable, they can cause serious problems. When addressed, and acknowledged, the emotions can be a catalyst for change and a hidden force behind manifestation and creativity. “If you don’t control your emotions they will control you”.

Since strong feelings can be scary and painful memories can be too terrifying to revisit, we tend to avoid them at any price. We will do the physical work with our bodies, the intellectual work with our minds, the spiritual work with our soul, yet when it comes to doing the emotional work most of us shoot off like the shot out of gun. Yet constantly turning a blind eye and continually pushing down these tough feelings to maintain our outer image can take its toll. It’s like finding a piece of mouldy cheese in the refrigerator and pushing it further in. Suppressed emotions cause inner turbulence and pressure and they don’t go away until addressed. They remain as part of our “operative system” and often become active at times when we are taken by surprise, or when we have had “a drop or two too many”. Once you dive in and face your fears, with honesty and determination, the more calm the waters become and the stronger your character will become. So, the more you accept the past and deal with it the more emotionally stable you become – ultimately leading to a stronger and more stable character

Some of the values that define good character include: Honesty, Responsibility, Fairness, Loyalty, Trustworthiness, Courage and Caring. An individual with a sound character finds it much easier to pursue their goals, because they can depend upon themselves and they are aware of what is needed to implement into the strategy. Others are likely to admire, respect and trust individuals who have a stable character and a proven record of successfully achieving their goals.

Blessings Gill


Gillian Godtfredsen, Doctor of Metaphysics, PhD Holistic Life Coaching

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