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Soul Psychology is about re-connecting with our wisdom. It is spiritual in character and maintains that emotions are linked to all problems and challenges, and there is no single, simple solution. As the mind digests ideas and produces intelligence, the soul feeds on life and creates wisdom and character out of experience based learnings. We are bombarded with information about living healthily and beautifully, but we have largely lost contact with our wisdom. Our schools and universities have many high-powered academic programmes in professional psychology, yet there is a severe lack of knowledge and wisdom about the mysteries of the soul. At any moment we can learn about what is happening on all corners of the Earth, yet we don’t have the wisdom to deal with our own problems or those in our societies. This lack of wisdom is especially apparent in some of the most powerful people on the planet, and is demonstrated by the horrific acts and escalating threats of annihilation.

Psychologists Abraham Maslow and Carl Jung are both known for elaborating on the value of a spiritual aspect of life. Jung broke away from traditional psychology and integrated spirituality into his theories and, although reluctant to let it be publicly known, he believed in reincarnation. He was a catalyst for depth psychology and adult development theory.

By confronting honestly the everyday personal conflicts we all encounter, we all face the challenges presented by fundamental spiritual questions. Our thoughts create our emotions, our behaviours, and what we attract into our lives.
It is our thoughts, feelings, words and actions that create our reality. Embarking upon a journey, using meditation and other practices using the breath, stillness and introspection are essential tools upon the road to spiritual enlightenment.

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Gillian Godtfredsen, Doctor of Metaphysics, PhD Holistic Life Coaching
Soul Psychology, Joshua David Stone PhD
Care of The Soul, Thomas Moore

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