Protect Yourself From Negative Energy (with video)





Why is it important to protect yourself from negative energy? Well, the effects of negativity can harm you and steal your precious energy. Energy vampires come in many shapes and forms and are not always easy to identify. Some people can be quite toxic, be it a colleague, friend or even a partner or family member. Even though we’ve been good to someone, encouraged and supported them, some still do us wrong, but just wish them the best anyway, because Karma and the Universal Law of Tenfold Return will take care of any injustices.

Being exposed to different personalities and/or locations can affect our energy levels both consciously and unconsciously. The energy in a building, the electronics in it and the ground beneath it can affect different people in different ways. Not to mention the harming effects from other people, which on their part may be conscious of unconscious.

We hear more and more of “highly sensitive” people – those who are very conscious of their sensitivity. If you know a highly sensitive person you have probably heard their stories about how they are affected by people and places. Although it’s a sorrowful fact, sometimes you’re better off with some people out of your life. You simply can’t accomplish your goals and visions if you are continually exposed to someone’s negativity.

Creating and keeping your boundaries from anyone who wants to drag you down is essential, even if they’re a family member or someone who thinks of themselves as a friend. Many negative people spend more time on problems than on solutions. Typically, they are blamers and always on the look out for a reason to be hurt or insulted. They thrive on drama – it’s like oxygen to them. They create negative situations and then play the victim. They are often self-pitiers and attention seekers, craving focus so that others feel sorry for them and “carry” them, when in fact they are perfectly able to walk themselves.

Learning and practicing metaphysical protection is one of the wisest things you can do for your own self-preservation. Here are 5 simple yet powerful metaphysical ways to protect yourself so that you can stay stable and strong:

#1 Carry a small crystal with you at all times – a Quartz crystal is good or even better an Amethyst.

#2 Use the colour violet consciously. Violet has the highest vibrational frequency and is much used in metaphysics. By calling more violet light into your world, you can dissolve lower frequencies. One powerful way to use the color is to invoke the violet light through affirmations for example you can use this simple affirmation:
“By the power of the higher self I command and demand that the violet frequency blaze ahead through and around me and dissolve all negativity.”

#3 Use salt. Traditionally salt has been used to ward off evil spirits, ghosts and all forms of negativity energy. Take a couple of handfuls of rock salt and sprinkle in the bathtub. After it’s dissolved immerse yourself completely for a few seconds.

Encircling yourself with salt is another effective way to protect yourself, sprinkle it around the outer edges of your bedroom and if possible around the outside walls of the building you live in.

#4 Visualise yourself encased in a ball of white light. This light acts as a shield of protection and can guard against negative energies that may be directed at you.

#5 Take a deep breath, stay focused on your breath and regulate your breathing so that it is deep and stable. One of my personal mottos is “breathe through it”. Ask yourself the question “what does this mean for me 5 years from now?” Visualize your future self. See how you want to live, bring that image into your consciousness and from that state choose your response.

Stay stable and strong.

Blessings Gill

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