The Metaphysical Way

Shadow Work (video)

  Here is a link to the Shadow Work Meditation¬†   Knowing that all reactions and emotions reside on a continuum helps us to achieve higher states of consciousness and to evolve. Under normal circumstances, you might be very…

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Soul Psychology (video)

  Soul Psychology is about re-connecting with our wisdom. It is spiritual in character and maintains that emotions are linked to all problems and challenges, and there is no single, simple solution. As the mind digests ideas and produces…

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Thought and Character (video)

    Who do you admire in your life that has wisdom? Who are your role models? What other specific characteristics do they embody? Role models/leaders aren't simply born into the roles, they develop into them. Their values, beliefs,…

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Listen (video)

    Many people are afraid of silence. They feel the need for continuous input to distract them from their own deeper being. Silence is a wonderful way to develop self-control and clarity. Often when we are silent, the…

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Spend time alone in nature. It will make you stronger and wiser. - Gillian Godtfredsen